Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables

Recomended Age Range: 8+

A favorite classic beloved by many, this book will give your child imagination, courage in mistakes, and good morals!

With Anne and her famous straw hat, this classic book is personally my favorite book! With a girl who loves nature, learns leasons, and works hard, this book builds much character. It is a bit more of a challenging read for younger kids with less stamina, but is a very interesting and delightful read!

A maid\slave girl with pale skin who loves nature and has so much imagination gets sent to a place in Prince Edward Island; Avonlea. She is sent to Green Gables to live with siblings Matthew and Marilla. For the siblings, grabbing eggs everyday was tiring work, so they wanted to get a boy to help out with the barn.

There was no other boy to adopt, so Matthew had to take Anne. While he was taking her home, he realized she was a delightful little thing, and she really was, but of course he knew Marilla would not feel the same. Furious, Marilla went to take Anne back to the assulum. She fell in love with her interesting speech and past, though, and took her back home again! After that, the story goes on with many more fascinating adventures.

One thing I will say though, is that one or two of the books in the whole series are not as sweet and kid-friendly. I would recommend that the age range for Anne's House of Dreams, and Rilla of Ingelside are 13+ . But Anne of Ingelside I think would be 11+. Because of the marriage and gossip in it may not be apropriate for younger kids. Also, when Anne got older, she surrounded herself with people that were not so good. They tried to murder a cat, but Anne was very mature and stoped them and took the cat. My favorites were the first and second; Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea!

Over all, this is a brilliant book with thrilling twists, educational speech, and lessons to be learned! She loves and cares for nature and animals!

I recommend this book for anyone who loves history, nature, and imagination!

Happy Reading!


Warning (for books in the entire series):

  • There is some gossip and marriage concepts that you may not think is appropriate for kids.
  • There is death in the first book (Anne of Green Gables).
  • Anne surrounds herself with strange people who delight in killing a cat, but Anne stops them.



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