Borrowing Books and Loaning Them Out

Borrowing Books and Loaning Them Out
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Maybe you're an avid reader don't have many books or any at all. That's okay! Just because you may have used up all of your shelf space and are piling books beside your bed doesn't mean you can't read any more than that.

Here are some ways you can satisfy your craving for literature:

Go to the library.

The library is where you can find thousands upon thousands of books. The system is easy: find a book, borrow it, return it.

The big problem is (at least for me) that you can only have them for a limited amount of time! Some people are slow readers, and even if they are fast readers, it can be pressuring to return it in a time slot. Especially if you're busy and don't have much time to read.

If you love the library and aren't pressured with the amount of reading time, that's amazing! The library is a great place to find a lot of books, and if you have trouble finding one, the staff (or an app sometimes) can help you.


When you borrow, you can't always decide on what you want, and you probably won't have a wide range of books to choose from anyway.

Borrowing can be fun, but it's not ideal when you read a LOT.

Read at the bookstore or library

Reading at the bookstore or library gives you access to a lot of books. You don't have to borrow or buy. All you do is sit back, read the book(s) you want, and leave.

The problem with this option is time. Bookstores and libraries close, so you have a limited time. This might force you to borrow or buy.

Loaning Books Out

Beware loaning out books.

Books can easily get soiled, lost, or ripped. It is best to avoid trusting someone with your rare or beloved books. Accidents happen, and they can result in severe damage or no book at all.

The ideal books to loan out are popular or easy-to-find books that are easy to buy again.

Borrowing books can be fun, but be careful when loaning them out.

Have fun with your reading adventure!

Happy reading,

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