Reading Digitally vs. Reading a Softcover/Hardcover

Reading Digitally vs. Reading a Softcover/Hardcover

Reading digitally has its pros and cons.

A pro is that you can read at night. (No more LED lights and holding a flashlight!). It can be convenient too, because you won't have to get up and take a giant stack of books out of your library manually. You get to comfortably lay in your bed for hours on end without a taunting stack of books balancing precariously near your head. :) may not like the blaring screen. It may not be as healthy for the eyes. If you don't care, that's okay! Although, there aren't any soft pages, welcoming scent, and beautifully printed font. That can be a bummer.

If you'd rather gobble your books the old-fashioned way, that's great! (Personally, I prefer it that way.) If you're more of an eat-every-book-I-see kind of person, you may like reading digitally because there is a wide selection of books at your fingertips.

Or, you could just wait until the morning and read the back of your cereal box. It's your choice. :)

Reading the right books at all times of the day is fun, so how to read when it's not nighttime? You may feel like you want a silky smooth book in the morning, but you prefer a device usually.

Reading in the morning, you probably won't need as much light to read and you might not want to use a device. You may want to just snuggle up in a favorite blanket or lay on some grass at the sunny park in your hammock and inhale the sharp scent of an old book. Mmmmm...

Well, anyways, let's get on to reading hardcovers and softcovers.

Hardcovers are nice for your library. They look nice and are neat and orderly. They are not always super great for reading, especially if it's a really, really good one, though. It may end up not looking so crisp and fresh, especially if you have a cool jacket on it that you'd rather not chuck in the trash.

A softcover, though, is usually easily readable. They are great at bending and enjoying, but can get broken easily. Hardcovers tend to be more durable. Pick and choose your books wisely to get the best selection for your library.

I hope this was helpful on your reading expedition! Have fun and happy reading!

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