The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey

The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey

Recommended age range: 5+

"The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey" is a hilarious graphic novel with tons of funny and witty stories! Join Rabbi Harvey in the wild west as he solves his fellow neighbor's problems and a few of his own.

Rabbi Harvey is appropriate for almost every reader out there. It has a fun style, too!

This book teaches great morals in a fashion similar to "Aesop's Fables". You'll be flipping every page and laughing hysterically! Plus, it's an easy read and could make for a good read-aloud. I highly recommend this fun book!!!

The author, Steve Sheinkin, is one of my favorite authors. Although the primary purpose of "The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey" isn't to teach you history, the backdrop is set in the Wild West and may give you a little feel of what it felt like to live back then! Even if history isn't your favorite subject; he makes it pretty fun!

I recommend this book for any reader who wants a good, funny book. It doesn't contain much negativity and is a joy to read. You may find yourself reading it more than once!

Have a fun time reading!

πŸ’™Miss Liber


  • You may want to read this with a younger child because some elements may be confusing.

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