The Dragon Lord Saga Volume 1: Martin and Marco

The Dragon Lord Saga Volume 1: Martin and Marco

Recommended age range: 7+

Do you love fantasy? Do you like "Calvin and Hobbes"? Do you like adventure? Do you treasure "The Lord of the Rings"?

Well, here's the perfect blend of them all! This book is so fun! I love reading it over and over and making the voices for the characters. It is a wonderful start of a series, and left me feeling full of hope and longing for the second book.

Even though the brothers in this story can show negativity and aggression towards one another, I enjoyed this book very much!

A talking horse, knights, goblin beasts, a cursed lady, a mysterious backpack, and DRAGONS. Who could ask for more?

It's a delight to read, too! Simple, funny, and exciting dialouge blended with the well-done drawings keep you turning the pages intently!

You'll be turning each illustrated page as you watch Martin, (Marco's older brother) dive into battle, dreaming of a princess to save. You'll also be following along as Marco rides a talking horse, meets a giant spider, and takes hold of a cursed backpack, not knowing the perilous danger that lies ahead.

I feel like this book is more of a fun and exciting book, not with the best concepts, but can be enjoyed anyways.

I recommend this highly for readers who love graphic novels, adventure, mystery, and fantasy all packed into one neatly illustrated book that you can enjoy by the warm fire or in a swinging hammock during spring.

I hope you love it just as much as I did and will be longing for the second one just as eagerly!

πŸ—‘Miss Liber


  • Brothers are negative towards one another.
  • Romance, many not be good if you don't want this in your children's books.
  • Can be scary for younger children who are sensitive to fear.

And there you have it! If you're now interested, head on over to Amazon to buy it!

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