The Tuttle Twins Book Series

The Tuttle Twins Book Series

Recommended age range: 5+

The Tuttle Twins is a colorful book series which explains real life, difficult topics that can be very hard to explain to children and can be difficult for adults to fully grasp. Join kids Ethan and Emily as they become entrepreneurs, discover important parts of history that influence us today, how to make a difference, and more!

These books serve great being read alone and can be enjoyed by a wide age range, but are probably best as read alouds. They have discussion questions in the back that help reinforce the subjects taught.

Educational, fun, colorful, and simple, it's great for the whole family! One thing I love about this series is that the family is not broken. If you go to the library and select a random book at the kid's section, chances are it will probably contain (and encourage):

  1. Kids who are disrespectful to their parents.
  2. Unengaged parents and grandparents
  3. Fighting siblings
  4. A broken family

In the Tuttle Twins series, it doesn't depict the family as nasty, mean, disrespectful, or broken. I love how the parents and grandparents are very engaged with the kids and the kids are engaged with their elders.

You might be worried (if you are a parent) that your children are not interested in reading these wholesome books becuase of the complex subjects inside such as:

  1. What is free market and why it's so important?
  2. How does inflation impact us? What are the consequences of inflation?
  3. How can bad laws effect our economy?
  4. And more to explore!

The colorful illustrations, though, are sure to intrigue your young reader, the storylines are fun, and the characters are likable, so you won't have to worry.

The Tuttle Twins is a great choice for a new read-aloud, and if you have finally cleared out your stack of to-be-read books, consider adding these to your collection.

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P.S. If you are a parent who is concerned with what your children are reading, it may be best to read this before them as you may not agree with everything that is said in these books.

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