Tales of Old Natalia: A Green Ember Series

Tales of Old Natalia: A Green Ember Series

Recommended age range: 8+

If you love "The Green Ember", "Tales of Old Natalia" is just for you!

Decades before "The Green Ember", Natalia is bursting with life, and Fleck the miner suspects that the mountains beyond might hold coal, and he wants to find that store. The mountains might hold something else, though. Something the rabbits never would've even imagined...

The first book, "The Black Star of Kingston", explains why and when the oath (My place beside you, my blood for yours, 'till the Green Ember rises, or the end of the world) was first pledged. I fell in love with the characters (and will probably remember them for a long time), watched as the brave rabbits fought dangerous birds of prey for the first time, laughed and joked for a time at a certain humorous part, and grieved for the loss of a beloved character. (I'll try not to spoil it for you 😜) This is one of my favorite "Green Ember" books, and it might be become yours, too!

The second book, "The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner" was pretty good! In my opinion, it doesn't beat "The Black Star of Kingston", but has an excellent plot! You'll be holding on to the edge of your seat as you watch each twist and turn, sucked into the spectacular adventure of King Whitson Mariner, Prince Lander, Massie, and the crew as their ship is wrecked and traitors are on the move. Just to add to the suspense, some mysterious dragons inhabit an unfamilliar island...

These books are must-reads! Even if you haven't read the epic Green Ember series, or the Green Ember Archer series, you might just come to love it anyway! (I recommend reading it in order with the other series, which is by publication date.)

Have a great time reading, and have a happy day!

β™₯️Miss Liber

  • Could be overwhelming for young children who are sensitive to violence and drama.

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