Kids of the Revolution! Snowballs and Gunshot

Kids of the Revolution! Snowballs and Gunshot

Recommended age range: 7-12

Hello everyone! This is my very first book.


This is the first book I've ever published. And it's out there for you to enjoy.

After much revision, and much editing, I finally came out with a final result. Now it is available as an ebook on Kindle, where you can read and enjoy. You can read my post on the benefits of reading digitally here.

Where is the story set?

Hence the title, this educational, fun read is set in colonial America, right before the Revolutionary War. The story is based around the famous event called the Boston Massacre.

What's it about?

Follow along as three kids have the adventure of their lives...during the Boston Masssacre. When one of them gets taken by an angry colonel, can they find and rescue him?

And can they save themselves?

Along the way, they meet an important historical figure named Joseph Warren.

Is this a kids book? Is it BORING?

Boring? Not at all! This book is supposed to entertain the reader, not school them. It should be fun and educational at the same time, since the story is set during the Boston Massacre. After all, this is historical fiction, not a textbook. Also, it's targeted towards younger readers.

Will this be a good read aloud?

Yes! It is a family-friendly book. Check out my post on reading aloud for some ideas and suggestions.

Okay. I'm done asking questions. Thanks.

Before you go, make sure to check out the link below to start reading, "Kids of the Revolution! Snowballs and Gunshot".

Thanks for reading,

📚Miss Liber

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