The Green Ember

The Green Ember

My Place Beside You, My Blood for Yours, 'Till the Green Ember Rises or the End of the World.

Recommended age range: 9+

The Green Ember is a thrilling tale by S.D. Smith about a desperate battle of rabbits against blood-thirsty wolves and vicious, predatory birds. Join young rabbits Picket and Heather as their once peaceful world is suddenly destroyed and a battle begins to rage.

This book is jam-packed with great morals! For instance, a humble hedge-trimmer named Heyward did his definite best trimming hedges, even though he seemed pretty useless once the battle started. He tried to fight but was not accepted into the fowlers unit. That was not the end for him. He designed and invented machines unheard of; he kept trying to help the cause. He used his smarts and abilities to do all he could to help, and without him...well, you'll have to see! Now that's a great character. He didn't mope and wait around, he lived the life before him and did his best. He's probably one of the best characters in the series!

I love how the characters delve deep into your heart. When loved characters sacrifice themselves for others, it makes you cry. (Don't worry, though! It's totally worth it!)

When you think of rabbits what do you think of? Small meek prey. (Also super cute!!!)  In this book, the rabbits learn to overcome their fears. This book series is a MUST-READ!

You won't have to worry about inappropriate content or negativity. It's a super clean read and it inspires a positive attitude.

It's a great read-aloud for the family and perfect for adventure-cravers and rabbit lovers alike! This is an awesome idea for a new book to read, so dive in! 😄

❤️Miss Liber

P.S. Attention rabbit lovers! Lots of rabbits!

P.P.S. I recommend starting with the first book, and you can find the reading order here!


  • Could be overwhelming for young children who are sensitive to violence and drama.

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