The Wingfeather Saga

The Wingfeather Saga

Recommended age range: 8+

This is a brilliant, witty, hilarious, exciting, adventurous, and thrilling book all jam-packed in one! It teaches good morals and helps spark a thrill of imagination.

Readers will be whisked away into the world of Aerwiar and swept into an amazing adventure with beloved characters, a mysterious evil ruler, and tons of interesting creatures. Join the three Igiby children as they discover hidden mysteries in a world full of danger...blood-thirsty fangs, majestic yet perilous sea dragons, and hungry, drooling beasts.

Andrew Peterson skillfully weaves a tale that includes very excellent morals. There is a bit of eye rolling at family, but overall, it is a very good book that I recommend highly: five big stars!!! (Even more if possible 😉) He also blends a beautiful combination of music in, too! He includes lovely melodies into this dramatic story that add passion and get you to love the story even more!

Reading this saga gives you emotions and feelings that suck you into the tale. You'll be reading late into the night, heart pounding and mind swirling. Numerous times while reading, I would randomly shout with excitement, staring in amazement at the beautifully illustrated page. (It's difficult to peel your eyes off it!) You'll be jumping up and down with delight, wetting the pages with tears, and chuckling to yourself all throughout the book!

What I also like about this series is that the siblings are very loving to each other, even when they are facing very difficult times and bad happenings. I also like how they are connected to each other and care deeply for one another. Although, in the beginning, they can get quite annoyed with one another.

I highly recommend this saga for curious bookworms who relish a blend of adventure, fantasy, and a bit of mystery all stirred up into four outstandingly beautiful hardcover books!

Happy Reading!!!

❤️Miss Liber

P.S. If you get really into this series, there is a short film and a whole website for it! Make sure to check it out!

A few warnings:


  • There are violent and scary scenes which might frighten sensitive and/or young readers. I recommend reading it first before giving it to them or reading it with them.
  • Some eye-rolling at family and others, so if you have a child you want to give it to, you may want to talk about it first before they start reading.

And there you have it! If you're now interested, head on over to Amazon to get your own beautiful copy!

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